RazorDetect™ is based on RazorThreat's award winning RazorThreat Vision™ and is specifically designed for small to medium businesses. RazorDetect™ identifies who is accessing your important electronic information whether they are an employee, trusted partner or malicious outsider seeking unauthorized access to High Value Digital Assets such as financial, medical, proprietary and personal information.

RazorDetect™ is delivered as an appliance-based managed security service that monitors all movement of your important digital information. Any unauthorized activity is put into Context for review with your IT Staff or IT Service with an Action Log that preserves all the actions taken to ensure the security of your valuable digital information.

RazorDetect™ provides you with the knowledge of who is accessing your important digital information and from where as well as the confidence your data is only moving to authorized destinations.

RazorDetect™ is compatible with most major security equipment and helps ensure your existing security equipment is performing as planned and is upgradable to RazorThreat Vision™.

For a full description of features and capabilities, please contact RazorThreat.