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Anything of value on your network is at risk. It doesn′t mater if it is financial, medical, intellectual property or personal information it is vulnerable to Unauthorized access. Whether is it maliciously intentions from the outside or from someone within your organization, you need to detect any unknown or unauthorized activity immediately.

RazorThreat’s Actionable Intelligence solution addresses the most pressing issues facing network security personnel - too much data, too many tasks and insufficient resources. RazorThreat solutions provide CIO's and CISO's with greater confidence that their network security policy change process provides them with the intended security profile, that they have visibility into any misuse of assets, and their critical information assets are monitored and protected. Simply stated, RazorThreat provides Visibility into all unknown or unauthorized activity and puts it into Context for immediate Action by network analysts.

With RazorThreat installed, data from all existing network devices is analyzed with proprietary algorithms to determine if your data is moving to the benefit of your business or to the benefit of malicious activity. In all recent breaches, small or large, data has been moved out of a network to an unknown or unauthorized destination. With the right Visibility and Context your network professionals can take immediate and appropriate Actions to prevent catastrophic loss of valuable digital assets.


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